Saturday, July 14, 2012

Ars Poetica, Notes To Myself And Other Random Thoughts

As a writer, I am attracted to what is complex, what cannot be seen through a naked eye. I am attracted to those aspects of life which we tend to shove and push under our rug in the course of our lives. I tend to draw attention to those moments which most of us would tend to ignore. Because, sometimes they are too uncomfortable. Because, sometimes they are too trivial. Also, often times I am drawn to contradictions-- between human beings, within the psycho-social world of one human being. Consequently, I am attracted to writings that engage with the uncomfortable. I don't think my writing has accomplished anything in the world yet. Neither do I think it has reached that level, but the more I read and write, I become convinced that the task of the writer is to de-mystify. To rip apart the veils with which every aspect of our daily lives are shrouded with. Yes, as a writer, I believe in a conscious engagement with the power-structured which guide our lives. I am also recognizing, that it is impossible to do so without an incessant struggle to be a better person. It also requires a cruel recognition of my own limitations as a social human being AND as a writer. But, stopping there at that acknowledgement would NEVER be enough. The hard part is to engage in that continuing struggle to confront and surpass my limitations – both as a human being and as an artist. Right now, as I am writing these lines, with the chilli boiling in my kitchen-stove, I feel intimidated by the road that lays ahead of me. I feel inspired too : the poem I am writing is progressing. I finished today the monthly quota of my submissions. I am walking ahead. Slowly, but surely.  

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