Saturday, July 7, 2012


A little more than six months ago, I made some resolutions. My plan was to get back here during the last week of June, and report on things I have accomplished. Well, I am late. But not a whole lot. It's been only a week, and I do have things to report. For one thing, I have finished my dissertation. No, I haven't defended it yet. But I have finished the second draft, compiled it all together, and I have turned it in to my co-chairs. And I did that yesterday. And I am happy. I am happy to see something I have been working on for so long receive some kind of a shape. Meanwhile, during the last six months, I have written and submitted poems more or less regularly. Some of them have been accepted. In journals where I have long wanted to be in. I have read most of the books I made plans in this post to read. I could not find the Bengali novel version of Meghe Dhaka Tara in our school library. So, I could not read that one. But I have read other Bengali novels, short story anthologies and non-fiction. Overall, the first six months of 2012 had been productive and intense in a way things get intense when you're trying to get things done. I know I have neglected this blog space. I simply could not keep pace. But I hope to come back – I do have lots of insights, realizations and experiences to share.  

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