Sunday, July 29, 2012

Preliminary Bibliography On South African Slavery

1. Slavery And Emancipation In South Africa

2. Social Death And Resurrection : Slavery And Emancipation In South Africa

3. Slavery In South Africa : Captive Labor On the Dutch Frontier

4.Slavery In Dutch South Africa

5.Cape of Torments : Slavery And Resistance In South Africa

6. Slave Emancipation And Racial Attitudes in Nineteenth Century South Africa

7.Slavery In Africa : Archaelogy And Memory

8.Public Memory of Slavery : Victims And Perpetrators In The South Atlantic

9.Liberating the family? : gender and British slave emancipation in the rural Western Cape, South Africa, 1823-1853

10.Children of bondage : a social history of the slave society at the Cape of Good Hope, 1652-1838

11.Breaking the chains : slavery and its legacy in the nineteenth-century Cape Colony

12.The Slave Question : Liberty And Property In South Africa

13.Slavery At the Cape of Good Hope

Those in bondage; an account of the life of the slave at the Cape in the days of the Dutch East India Company.

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