Thursday, July 26, 2012

::My Writing Mojo,Somewhat Lost::

There are lots of real-life concerns I am worried about right now --- the work that I will have to do before my program ends, finding a job for myself which would ensure a ensure a stable (if moderate) source of livelihood, a lot of other personal issues. Writing has been hard for a while now. In March, I yanked out a few poems, around 10 or so. In February, I wrote 12 or something like that. I would wake up around 5, 5.30 pm, make myself a cup of tea, wrap myself in my navy blue flannel dressing gown and would read some poems before writing a few lines. And I would do this everyday, before I began to prep for the class I taught. I don't think I ever finished a poem in one sitting. But I would steadily work through them, writing a few lines everyday. 

After that, it has been a really slow drain. I am working on revising some of the ones I have, and a lot of those I wrote in February had been accepted in places. But ever since April, I haven't really been able to generate a whole lot of new work. I am trying to keep a regular pace of working, writing a few lines every day, reading reading and reading. Hoping somehow that will give me the energy and whatever it needs to dance on page again. But so far, the things I have written don't have that quality which has no name-- you know, how some poems "sing", go straight into the material's core and produce something that will cause you later to think I wrote that, I really did write that

In a week I will begin this month-long workshop : Writing A Poetic Sequence. I am desperately hoping it would give me some extra space to feel that creative energy again. Possibly we will read something that will rattle my bones so much that I will be forced to write and write well. Until then, I will try to push myself through, I will bring my pen closer to the paper everyday, let the two brush up against each other, and be satisfied with whatever comes out of those moments of persistent and somewhat forced creativity. 

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